Kabi Play Dog Bone


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Kabi Play Dog Bone Kabi Dog Play BoneA Dog needs to chew in order to develop and Maintain strong healthy teeth and jawsThe desire to chew comes from the instinct for exercise cleaning teeth and gum massage Tartar accumulates on the teeth of dogs and if not removed can bring infection and can destroy teeth and rootsIt is important therefore to provide your dog with an object to chew which he finds attractive and will divert him from chewing household articles PLAYBONE is both safe and economical It is made from a special material which is hard enough to be attractive to chew but soft enough to be chewableThe action of chewing the PLAYBONE raises small projections upon its surface like bristles These help to clean the teeth and massage the gums much as your tooth brush does your own teethThe special material of which PLAYBONE is made is inert and will not support the growth of bacteria fungus or micro organisms It can be washed in soap and water disinfected or sterilised if you wishSize approx 85 Inches long


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