Dental Care for Dogs

Dogs just like their owners need to take care of their teeth to keep gums, teeth and breath in good shape. Dogs too can suffer from oral problems which can be taken care of with some dental products – tooth and gum disease is actually very common for dogs.

Dental care products for dogs:

Dog Toothbrushes

Avoid bad doggy breath by regularly using a toothbrush specifically for dogs. Dog toothbrushes range from roughly £3.50 up to £20+ for a pack of 6 – depending on whether you get a regular brush, electric toothbrush or a finger toothbrush for your dog.

Toothbrushes should be replaced every few months.

Read our full guide on brushing your dogs teeth.

small dog with a big toothbrush in it's mouth. Dog dental care
Images for Lensdrop by Matthias Zomer

Dog Toothpaste

Use toothpaste for dogs to keep teeth clean and gums healthy. Brushing alone won’t achieve the required hygiene so a toothpaste which is designed for dogs is best.

Dog toothpastes will leave mouths fresher, cleaner and less dog-like breath.

Prices are generally range from £1.50 up to around £30 for more premium brands and bigger quantities.

Dog Mouthwash

Doggy mouthwash is a bit different to the human version but is a great way to keep dogs mouths healthy and have an all-round healthy mouth and oral hygiene. A water additive is best.

Prices for dog mouthwash usually range from £2.50 to £25 – depending on the bottle size and brand. We can help you find a good deal and quality product in the dog mouthwash section

dog wearing sunglasses with teeth showing
Photo by Ilargian Faus from Pexels

Dog Dental Treats & Chews

Good dental hygiene can be supported by dog dental chews and treats. Freshen up with dental care snacks – the best deals can be found here.

Pedigree Dentastix are infamous with dog owners to provide daily dental care for all dog sizes. Keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy & strong. Shop the best deals on Pedigree Dentastix for dogs here

Can you recommend a dental care product for dogs? Get in touch, and let us know.