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Stanley Jones is rather posh, you know His name would reflect that He hates to be called just Stan A very fussy cat His coat is always clean, you know His whiskers trimmed just right A cane and bowler hat he wears This cat makes quite a sight * Perhaps your cat is not quite as decadent as our Stanley but many cats do portray a superior classiness demanding nothing but the best! Well, now you can pamper to their needs, or at least one of them, with this wonderful hand-crafted cat bed. This bedding is suitable for a cat or small dog. Constructed from red oak it is itself a stylish piece of furniture for any room in the house but with the inclusive Danish Design mattress the item becomes an attractive place for the pet in your life to relax on. And not only that. If, like Stanley, your cat or dog is proud, then personalising the bed with your pet’s name will be the icing on the cake! The lettering is produced by hand using a pyrography pen. The pen has a heated tip which is used to burn the letters into the wood thereby creating a lasting image. The personalisation can comprise up to 10 characters including spaces. The colour of the red oak is warm and with its polished finish it is smooth to the touch. The oak cat bed has an easy access, low step at the front and the back and sides are cut in an attractive but functional shape which provides the secure surrounds that cats prefer.


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