Personalised Hand Thrown Ceramic Christmas Bauble


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Lovingly hand-thrown Christmas Baubles that can be personalised to document cherished memories. Do you know someone who has celebrated a life event this year? Baubles are designed to evoke memories and feelings, and to mark special, significant events during your life. Your collection of baubles displays all of the different chapters throughout your life and it is important that you choose ones which will be able to come on your journey with you. I designed my first baubles to celebrate the birth of my Nephew and for our first Christmas tree, in our new home. I am excited that I can now offer to preserve your precious memories with a FICH bauble too! Please note that these baubles could take up to 30 business days to be dispatched. Personalisation (+£10) These baubles can be personalised to mark significant occasions that happened during the year. The options are; [name] & [name] [baby’s name]’s 1st Christmas Our First Christmas First Christmas as [Mr & Mrs family name] The [family name] Family The Year We Got Engaged Will You Be My [bridesmaid]? Everything in the brackets can be changed to suit the personalisation you’d like, please use the personalisation box to let me know what you’d like written. The year 2021 will be added underneath the personalisation, if you’d like to change it to a previous year or not have it included at all, please get in touch within 24 hours of ordering. There is a maximum of 20 charaters for the personalisation. Each letter is stamped individually by hand and are capitol letters. They are available in various colours, these are; Misty Rose, Speckled Glacier, Tadpole Teal, Coral, Raspberry, Speckled Stone and Night Sky. You can also choose whether you’d like pink or grey ribbon. They are made from Earthenware clay and glaze all sourced within in UK. Wipe with damp cloth to clean. Store in bubble wrap and box when not using it.


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