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A unique personalised illustration, a lovely way to encapture your beautiful family. These personalised family prints make the perfect engagement, birthday, wedding or anniversary gift. They are also a lovely memento for mothers day and birthdays. They are gift to be cherished for many years to come. The prints come in a range of sizes which include A5,A4 and A3. They are also available framed and unframed. We have a choice of frames which include Gold, black and white frames. We also think that it would be lovely for other family members to have a copy of the print to cherish so we therefore offer extra copies for £12 each. How to personalise your print 1. Choose the amount of people and pets 2. View our hand drawn options displayed in the photos for inspiration for how to personalise your people. 3. Personalise person 1 using the text boxes provided. 4. Now you know how to personalise person one, use the same questions and order to personalise person two typing all the the details into the text box provided. 5. If you are having more than two people type the details for any other people in the following text box. Remember to stick to the order of person one 6. If you have chosen to have pets type the details of the pets in the text box provided. For dogs make sure to add the breed and colour. The cat and dog sheets are displayed in the photos and your pets must be chosen from here. * If you can’t see what you are looking for there is the option to have a custom colour edit or custom drawing of your dog, but please note this must be agreed first as it will be dependant on time and custom designs take longer. Please note that if a custom order is placed without contacting the seller first this could be subject to cancellation.* 7. Once we have created your print we will send you a draft. You will be able to make one round of changes if you wish, then we will complete your order and post it out to you. The illustration is printed onto a high quality linen textured card.


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