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A gorgeous personalised mothers day gift for a very special dog mum. Create an extra special stocking filler by personalising the design to look just like your loved one or friend then add their dog. Personalisation is simple just look through the hand drawn options in the photos then select your choices from the drop down menus. We have a large selection of dog breeds which we are always updating. Each image on our option sheet has been lovingly hand drawn. We have now added the option to add two dogs onto your print as we realise if you have two, choosing only one would be a tough decision! If you choose two dogs just make sure that you type the personalisation details for both. We have also added a sheet of cat illustrations for you to choose from too, for all the cat lovers out there. To create the personalised girl image just choose a hairstyle haircolour, skin colour, lip colour and glasses if you wish. There are two t-shirt designs to choose from ‘dogs before dudes’ or ‘Pardon my French’ You can also add a pop of colour to the t-shirts. This mug is a great secret santa gift or stocking filler for special dog mums. Or it is a great gift for your single friends on Valentines day! Copyright Syd&Co * If you can’t see what you are looking for there is the option to have a custom colour edit or custom drawing of your dog, but please note this must be agreed with your seller first as it will be dependant on time and custom designs take longer if in a hurry for your design please contact us to see if we can help. Please note that if a custom order is placed without contacting the seller first this could be subject to cancellation.* Ceramic White Mug with a gloss finish Individually Hand Printed Design These mugs are dishwasher safe but as they are extra special I always recommend hand washing in hot water.


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