Personalised Copper Pet ID Tag With Dog And Bone


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Personalised domed copper pet ID tag. Hand-stamped with bone and dog’s head and your required name and contact details. Two stainless steel split rings included. Perfect tag for your dog. This 30mm diameter, shiny, domed, solid copper ID tag is hand-stamped with your personalisation and a bone and paw prints. Hand-stamping is much more durable and permanent than printed or lasered alternatives and will last forever with care. With room for a pet name, family name, house number, postcode and contact number your pet tag will conform to UK law. Solid copper and coated in a protective wax. Supplied with a cleaning cloth. Available gift boxed. We understand that some people prefer not to have the pet name on the tag. In this case the family name will take prominence. Made from genuine solid copper and stainless steel. The copper is double coated with professional wax for durability to delay the ageing process. Copper will naturally change colour with time but with care can be polished back to its natural state. This tag can be stamped on one side only due to the manufacturing and doming method. The tag comes supplied with 2 split rings making it ready to attach to any type of collar.


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