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Cleany Teeth Starter Kit nbspCleany Teeth Starter KitThe Cleany Teeth Starter Kit contains Ultrasound dog toothbrushA 3-sided brush head ideal for bigger dogs 2 x single brush heads ideal for smaller dogsDog toothpaste specially formulated for dogs and ultrasound USB charging cable Also comes with a quotHow to Usequot manualnbspWhat does Cleany teeth Dog Teeth Cleaning do Cleans without movement vibration or noisesPlaque and tartar formation is minimised Cleans where bristles cannot reach eg between teeth Improves blood circulationNo abrasives so will not damage or irritate teeth or gumsAntibacterial effect helps eliminate bacteria on your dog39s teeth and gumsnbspCleany Teeth is state-of-the-art oral hygiene technology that performs better than other toothbrushes including sonic electric or rotating brushes With the Cleany Teeth Ultrasound Starter Kit you achieve the most effective dental hygiene for your dog at home without the need for anestetic Why ultrasound air-oscillation tooth brushes are superior for pet teeth cleaning No movement or vibration so your dog does not experience any stress Penetrates deep into your pets gums so reaches places no other brush can get to The antibacterial effect cures and preventsnbspgum inflammationHelps Improve blood circulation there for stimulating healthy tissue This abrasion-free technique does not hurt tooth enamel Saves vets visits for Tooth cleaning saving you money nbspnbspThe brush heads packets included only work with the ultrasound toothbrush It usually takes between 2-5 sessions to see the results explained on this page We recommend replacing any brush heads after three months of use regardless of their condition as the heads reduce quality after this time period


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