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A gorgeous Personalised Christmas Dog sack. Perfect for all your dogs treats, toys and accessories! These really useful large dog sacks are the perfect size for storing all your dog accessories whether it be dog toys, grooming kit, towels, bedding, blankets or dog biscuits/food etc. We also have a smaller size available. The bags have a quirky dog illustration on them taken from the ‘Pawtraits’ series of Dog collages by artist Simon Hart who uses vintage papers, sheet music, old maps and tweed fabrics to create these wonderful studies of some of our favourite breeds. There is the option to personalise the bag/sack with 2 lines of text whether it be your dogs name, the breed type, a short message/heading or you can simply choose to have the dog image and have no text (see our photographs for examples of previous orders). With a drawstring the bags can easily be hung up which also stops your dog getting to whatever is inside! They make the most perfect gift for your dog or a friends dog and are ideal for all your dogs Christmas Goodies!! PERSONALISING YOUR ORDER – a) Select Dog breed from drop down list : 1. Airedale, 2. Basset Hound, 3. Beagle, 4. Bichon Frise, 5. Black Labrador, 6. Border Collie, 7. Border Terrier, 8. Boston Terrier, 9. Boxer, 10. Cairn Terrier, 11. Chihuahua, 12. Cockapoo, 13. Cocker Spaniel, 14. Corgi, 15. Dachshund, 16. Dalmatian, 17. Doberman, 18. English Bulldog, 19. English Bull Terrier, 20. English Mastiff, 21. English Sheepdog, 22. French Bulldog, 23. Brown Frenchie, 24. German Shepherd, 25. Golden Labrador, 26. Golden Retriever, 27. Great Dane, 28. Greyhound, 29. Husky, 30. Irish Setter, 31. Jack Russell, 32. King Charles Spaniel, 33. Labradoodle, 34. Mini Schnauzer, 35. Papillion, 36. Pointer, 37. Poodle, 38. Pug, 39. Rottweiler, 40. Saint Bernard, 41. Schnauzer, 42. Scottie, 43. Shar Pei, 44. Shetland Sheepdog, 45. Shih Tzu, 46. Springer Spaniel, 47. Staffie, 48. Weimaraner, 49. Westie, 50. Whippet, 51. Wirefox Terrier, 52. Working Cocker, 53. Yorkie, 54. Yorkie with bow, 55. Bernese Mountain Dog, 56. Black Frenchie, 57. Black Pug, 58. Black Schnauzer, 59. Black White Springer, 60. Brown Collie, 61. Brown Labrador, 62. Buff Cockapoo, 63. Cavalier King Charles, 64. Dandie Dinmont, 65. Great Dane, Floppy ears, 66. Liver white Springer, 67. Newfoundland, 68. Vizsla b) Type wording for the main larger font (CAPITALS) in personalisation box. c) Type wording for the smaller typewriter style font (Mixed Case) in the box. d) Indicate if you want smaller typewriter style text above or below the main UPPERCASE font. For Image only type ‘NO TEXT’ in the personalisation boxes. made from: Natural 100% natural unbleached cotton. Printed individually for each customer in our Devon studio. These natural canvas bags come with a draw string and a hanging loop/handle.


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